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Mar. 28 Update – Tokyo vs Home

So I just arrived back in Toronto. And I’m in a different world.
A few days ago I was walking around in Tokyo amongst the crowds enjoying the beginning of the cherry blossom season and warmer weather. The enticement of the cherry blossoms was too much for the locals myself and to resist. In hindsight, I should have avoided it all together. Nothing was out of the norm. The handful of tourists attractions that were closed, way before social distancing became a thing, were the only indicator that something was happening.

When I arrived home, I stepped into the apocalypse. The airport was empty (although Narita airport was also empty), Toronto arrival’s board mostly marked with cancelled flights. I waited for the bus to arrive and saw something I never seen before. The front door did not open, only the back. Two people exited and I entered into an empty bus. I look towards the front of the bus and noticed rope was being used as a blockade separating riders from the bus driver. And thus no way to pay for the trip.

Many arrival trips cancelled at Toronto Pearson Airport.

When I stepped out of the bus I nearly saw tumble weed cross by. A ghost town as the cliché goes. And this is a central bus station, always packed with people going on about their daily lives. I headed to a local subway to grab a sandwich (out of desperation, I never eat fast food). I walk in to find the chairs flipped up onto the tables and a notice saying no dine in, take out only. Fine by me, I thought to myself. I grab my sandwich and head over home so start my 14 day quarantine. Only to get home and realize I have no groceries! Back out into the apocalypse but cautiously distancing myself and wearing a mask.

Stay kind, stay home, stay safe.

I Saw The Funniest Thing in Morocco

I don’t have a picture of it so you will have to take my word for it.

They say you should have your camera with you at all times to catch the moment as it happens.  Even if I had my camera with me, it would have been humanly impossible to catch it in time. I was in the back seat of a car riding through the small streets Zagora. The small street vendors were blurring by on a hot October afternoon, as we made our way back to Marrakech. My head was leaning against the car window bobbing side to side as we weaved through the small chaotic streets of the city.  Among all the street vendors, I noticed one in particular, a meat vendor, in what appeared to be the smallest butcher shop in the world.  Basically a 10×12 foot shack that was the lone shop for many of the locals.

Two men stood in the shack under a few pieces of hanging meat swatting flies in what appeared to be a futile attempt of pest control.  Not wanting to give up, one shopkeeper came up with a better idea.  Reaching under the counter, he grabbed a can of Raid and started to shake the can getting ready to fire… that was the last thing I saw as the car drove away…