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30 days of Instagram…

Or how I stopped stressing and chose to show my work.

Leading up to my trip to Portugal in October, I decided to post a travel image once a day on Instagram throughout September.

With the excitement of visiting my home country, a place I have not visited in 20 years, I wanted to share some of my previous work.

Would I receive more likes, followers or comments? I know what you are thinking, “Eric, are likes and followers really that important to you?” I decided no, but I would be examining the traction I received. What photos would receive likes and comments?

Was it the subject, composition, post processing treatment or simply the viewing angle?  Were the landscape photos as well received vs the city pictures? Pictures with people or without? This information would have an effect on the mindset I would take with me to Portugal.

My greatest challenge is myself,  minuscule confidence can turn into the harshest criticism. I would have to step out of my personal boundaries in order to grow as a photographer. Being your own critic is a tool needed to develop in any artisitc field, but in my personal experience it can sometimes affect my potential.

If I don’t share, display and make it known that I am out there creating, I will never grow. I must continue to pursue opportunities to create experiences that I love to photograph and share.


Cat Island, Japan

Tashirojima, AKA Cat Island.

Off the beaten path, a visit to an almost abandoned island is a must. This island currently houses more cats then humans. Only about 100 residents or so remain here feeding the ever growing cat population. Taking a step off the boat you will be greeted with well, nothing really. Just a minutes walk towards the residential houses and you will be swarmed with cats.

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The Desert Movement

Caution: If you are easily disgusted, you’ve been warned.

An early rise at 5:30am is completely outside my normal routine, but a sunrise over the Sahara sand dunes in Morocco was something I didn’t want to miss.


Grabbing my prepared back pack, I stepped out of my tent and headed towards the hill I needed to climb to experience the sunrise. Walking past the last tent, I noticed a few fellow travellers had already started the climb.Continue Reading →