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Lima, a 9 hour layover turned into an addition to the bucket list

On our way back home from Cusco, we had an undesirable nine hour layover in Lima. We had no idea how we were going to kill the time. Upon arrival we dropped our bags at the storage locker for the day and booked a taxi. Doing a quick search on Trover I noticed that a part of a city was very popular.

Miraflores is a suburb of Lima on the oceans coast, with parts of the city’s edge rising at some points to 79 meters above sea level.

Lima, Peru

A good starting is Parque del Amor, featuring ocean views and romanticized art, sculpted walls with murals, and mosaics with romantic poetry.

Parque del Amor

Working our way down the sets of stairs we were greeted with the ocean and enjoyed a lovely sunset.

CIty of Lima

With the hours quickly winding down, we made our way to Parque John. F. Kennedy. Located at the center of the Miraflores. Popular for the public exhibitions, performances, artisan markets and surprisingly, a large population of cats. They make the park home and are fed and cared for by volunteers. The cats are generally friendly, especially if you catch them during feeding time.

Peru After frolicking with the felines, we grabbed a taxi and headed back to the airport for our flight back home.


Points of Interest mentioned in this post with links to Google Maps

Quick Tips

  • When arriving at Lima Airport, make you sure you book a taxi located just before the arrivals exit to avoid scammers.
  • Uber (at the time this writing) is not allowed to pick up people at the airport, but drop offs are ok.
  • The airport is located in the Callao district, apparently not so friendly area to tourists. Any of the airport crew will tell not to go outside unless in a car or bus. Even to cross the street to reach the hotel located outside the airport.