Note: This was written on and around March 21 and 22. I was only able to upload on the 24th.

The warm weather or the blossoming flowers are great reasons to get out of the house. Put the two together and you have an enticing duo that can’t be ignored. The cherry blossom viewing, hanami, is centuries old tradition that can’t be broken even during virus pandemic. This is the first time I have witnessed this celebration and I am not sure what the typical size of crowds are. But I can confidently say, in this time where social distancing is the protocol, this is a high amount of traffic walking the parks and streets of Tokyo. Including myself. Is this a confident gamble or blissful ignorance by the people of Tokyo? We shall see.

Numbers are rising

This past week saw a spike in cases of COVID-19, and yet overall the numbers seem low compared to other countries. Countries that encountered the disease after Japan have already surpassed Japan’s numbers. Theory here is that Japan is still not testing has many people has it should. Some news outlets are reporting that the reason for the low infection numbers is that Japanese people are being careful and wearing masks. The cynic in me believes that Japan is purposely covering the numbers due to the Olympics. The country tourism has taken a huge hit already. Cancelling or delaying the games would further hurt the economics.

I left for back home

I left for home. Canadian government called on all travellers to come back in order to avoid possibly being trapped. And that’s what I did. Air Canada allowed people to change their plans without penalty in this current situation. I’ll be arrive back and plan on doing the 14 day self quarantine.

I will share more with you soon……