A lot has happened in the world since my last post. The overall mood is quiet with majority of people being concerned while not freaking out.

Here in Japan, majority of people are still wearing masks, the ones that not wearing have probably ran out.
I still can’t find masks to buy.
I still can’t find hand sanitizer.
But at least toilet paper has been stocked up onto store’s shelves, not completely full but a better sign of the times.

Closures around country
All the things that closed down later February and early March are still
closed. But now hanami – flower viewing – has been added to the list.

Very little tourists
Streets in high tourist areas seem very empty at times. It seems that all but a few tourists have disappeared. Tourists are easily spotted including myself.

Hanami – Flower Viewing
Cherry blossoms season is here. The first buds have opened this week as temperatures have begun to rise. We have been seeing temperatures rise to 15°C /59°F in the afternoons.
The sakura – cherry blossoms, or lesser known, ume – plum tree, viewings celebrated in parks with food and drinks during the day or night. But this year looks like there wont be celebrations happening. But the locals will enjoy the flowers blooming as I see many coming to parks and shrines by themselves.